The ARROW DMR repeater is up and running and connected to the BrandMeister (BM) network. This gives us the ability to be very flexible with our talkgroups and most of the repeater owners are switching from DMR-MARC and DCI to BM. BM also has a hose line which gives you the ability to listen to a live audio feed of the talk group and also listen to their archive.

Before you begin programming please obtain a DMR ID by registering as a user here:

Below are the details to program your radio. Codeplugs for the various radios are available in

Callsign: W8RP
Frequency: 443.500 (+5 Mhz)
Color Code (CC): 1

Talkgroups (TG):
Timeslot 1 (TS 1)
TG# 312654 = Local Repeater
TG# 3126 = Michigan Statewide = W8RP.MI

Timeslot 2 (TS 2)
Any Brandmeister talkgroup can be dynamically linked on TS2.

A few examples are:
TG# 93: North America
TG# 3100: USA Nationwide
TG# 31098: USA Call Area 8
TG# 31261: Mi5-STATEW1
TG# 31263: Mi5-EVENT1
TG# 31673: R5AUXCOMM/Region 5 Homeland Security/FEMA

Please be courteous if you are using the Mi5 or the R5AUXCOMM talkgroups. For Mi5, users are required to subscribe to their mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.

Dynamic Talkgroups:
BM gives you the ability to key up any talkgroup on any timeslot using PTT. Just program the TG of your choice and use the PTT to activate a TG. The TG will then be active for 15 minutes after the last PTT. Although you can use any TS, we suggest that you use TS2 for dynamic talkgroups so that TS1 is free for local repeater communications.

For example, if you wanted to bring up say “Florida Statewide, TG# 3112” just program a channel for Timeslot 2 with TG# 3112 and key up for one second and wait to see if there is ongoing traffic and then key up again and throw your call out. You will remain connected as long as there is local activity on your end, otherwise, it will timeout after 15 minutes of no activity from your end on that talkgroup.

For a list of all the talkgroups available see the links section below.

DMR for Dummies eBook:
Brandmeister Wiki:
Repeater Details:
Hose line (Live audio):
BM Talkgroups:

Please make sure that you update your General Settings and add your Radio Name (Callsign) and Radio ID (DMR ID) in the codeplug.

Last Updated: February 28, 2019 at 1130 EST