The ARROW maintains four club callsigns for its members use. These calls are separate and are used for individual operations of the club.


W8RP is the club’s main callsign, and as such, is used when the operation is meant to represent the entire club. Examples of this include identifying our repeater stations, club stations participating in a contest, and special event stations.

The W8RP call has a lot of history in the Ann Arbor area and belonged to Roy Purchase of Purchase Radio. Roy J. Purchase, W8RP 1903-1987 of Ann Arbor, Michigan was the owner of Purchase Radio, a radio parts distributor.


W8PGW is the club’s old callsign and is used to identifying our repeater stations. This called belonged to the South Quad Amateur Radio Club before ARROW become the trustee.


WC8RC is the club callsign used for any operations that support the Washtenaw Red Cross relief services.


WA2HOM is the main club callsign used for any operations that support the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum


W8CWN is a special event club callsign used for some operations that support the Ann Arbor Hands- On Museum.

You can Contact the Trustee-Delegate at with any comments, questions, or concerns.

You can also download a copy of our Arrow-Trustee-Policy.