We have another busy Saturday this week, with the monthly Egg Chew at the Classic Cup Cafe, 4389 Jackson Road in Ann Arbor at 9 a.m.

That will be followed by a fox hunt being hosted by the U-M Amateur Radio Club. Here’s what Jameson, the UMARC President has to say:

UMARC is excited to host a Foxhunt, Saturday, July 19th, starting at 10:30 AM. The event will begin on the North Campus of the University of Michigan, under the Lurie Bell Tower.

For those new to the activity, a Foxhunt is like a scavenger hunt with radios! A hidden transmitter is placed somewhere (in our case, on North and/or Central campus), and various radio direction finding methods are used to locate the ‘Fox’.

Most participants employ some sort of directional antenna and signal attenuator during the ‘Hunt’. If you don’t have any equipment (be it radio/antenna/attenuator) or if you’re new to Foxhunting, don’t worry – we’ll have two or three full setups ready for you to use and you can work in teams if you’d like.

Some walking will be involved, so prepare accordingly. Parking is free in most lots on North Campus, so we recommend you find a spot there and take the bus anywhere else if necessary. The 19th is the final day of the Ann Arbor Art Fair, so we’ll try to avoid that area. However, bonus points are awarded to any participant who has a positive interaction with the public, i.e. someone asking “what are you doing??”

Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the top participants – so come on out and have some fun on a Saturday morning.

See you there,

Jameson Eisele KD8PIJ
UMARC President

Just to add a note to Jameson’s post, the U-M buses that run throughout the campus are FREE. Fox hunting is a lot of fun, so I encourage everyone to participate. I hope to see many of you at one or both of these events on Saturday.

Mary Anne, W8VWY
ARROW Secretary