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November 2017 General Meeting: Solar Power

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 08th at 6:45 pm.By Zak Zak (Flickr)

Location: Rm #2424 Space Research Building
University of Michigan
2455 Hayward St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Please note the change in location effective March 2017.

The doors automatically close at 7:00 pm. So please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. If you are locked out please give a call on the 146.96 (-ve) repeater frequency.

Maps and Parking info:

The General Membership Meeting will be held on, Wednesday, November 08th in Room 2424 at the University of Michigan’s Space Research Building.

This month’s presentation topic is “Solar Power by Jay Nugent, WB8TKL”. Jay will talk about Solar PV panels (types, price and efficiency), Charge Controllers (PWM/MPPT), battery banks, battery types/chemistries and efficiency vs cost, wiring your house for 12VDC, proper wire gauging, fusing/protection, how to modify existing fixtures for 12 VDC use, DC-to-DC converters for running things that aren’t 12vdc (laptops, flat-panel TV’s, etc.), availability of 12VDC ceiling fans, fridges, water pumps, and the list goes on. Oh! And we can’t forget about running our Ubiquiti AREDN nodes off 12vdc, too!


Touch-a-Truck 2016

The Touch-a-Truck was held on May 7th, 2016 at the Ypsilanti High School and it went extremely well. The following hams helped out during the event: Joe Glandorf AC8ES, Jeff Zupan W8SGZ, Dinesh Cyanam AB3DC, Ed Thierbach AB8OJ, Dan Romanchik KB6NU and Thomas Martin W8TAM

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