The Ann Arbor marathon is rapidly approaching on March 26, 2017 and at this point we only have nine (9) volunteers and need, at least, ten (10) more. We had about 16 last year and that was OK but this year, we have some participants who can only spend a few hours working. The marathon starts at 7:30 AM on S. Main St. near the intersection of S. Main and Keech St. and ends on S. Main between William St. and Liberty. There will be a shelter in the finish area for net control and we will meet there at 7:00 AM where we will hand out route maps and assign stations. You can find route maps at:

Last year the last runner crossed the finish line about 6+ hours later or about 2:40 PM so I would guess that this year we should be done by about 3:00 PM. People posted to spots near the beginning should be able to leave as soon as the last runner passes or, if we don’t get enough volunteers, I would ask that you move to a spot further down the route. We need someone to volunteer to be net control and also a portable, battery operated station with antenna. If you can do either one of these, please let me know.

There will be some fine tuning as to when you need to be at the net control shelter as we firm up the volunteer count and those people assigned to posts farther down the route will be able to report in at a later time.

Remember, last year Epic Races made a $200.00 donation to ARROW and will make a contribution again this year. So join us and help out your Club.

Jim Lommel WD8RWI