Date/Time: Wednesday, October 11th at 6:45 pm.

Location: Rm #2424, Space Research Building
University of Michigan
2455 Hayward St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Please note the change in location effective from March 2017.

The doors automatically close at 7:00 pm. So please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. If you are locked out please give a call on the 146.96 (-ve) repeater frequency.

Maps and Parking info:

The General Membership Meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13th in Room 2424 at the University of Michigan’s Space Research Building.

This month’s presentation topic is “Ham Radio Mesh Networks”. We will talk about ham radio mesh networks specifically, AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network). There has been renewed interest in the Club to build a mesh network in the area and we have toyed with this idea a few years back using HSMM-Mesh but never discussed it in detail. HSMM-Mesh is no longer in development and AREDN is being used predominantly all over the world. If you have any experience with ARDEN and mesh networks, in general, your input will be valuable and if you have a device with the firmware loaded please do bring it to the meeting. We will watch a presentation and then discuss further on how to implement if there are enough of us willing to put up the nodes.

More info: